35 Years Of Experience In The Shop And On The Track

Now offering full service CNC Service

Now you can have ERD build custom parts and products from the ground up. This includes CAD design-drawings of your product (3-D), CNC milling, and anodizing of final product. Projects have included aluminum key chains with company logos, suspension parts for electric cars, manufacturing obsolete parts for manufacturers, drag boat motor mounts and plate brackets. No job is too small or too big.

Not only do we  build many different types of racing engines, but worked on site with our customers and participated in many different forms of racing. This would include Drag Boats, Drag Cars, Circle Track, Street Rods, and Import racing. Our involvement in racing has resulted in the design for many of our engine components, boat parts and tools made in house.

Here is a video take by one of our satisfied customer with the TAC-720 video camera to let you see what is like to sit in the drivers seat of a drag boat powered with an ERD engine using our custom made boat components.

For those who want to be styling we have a selection of fun T shirts and ERD T shirts and sweatshirts. Check out our on line store or call us to purchase our products


Full service precision machining

* Custom race engine building
* Balancing
* Dyno
* Flow bench
* Assembly