Gary Stevenson a local racer in Creswell Oregon owns and operates Engine Research & Development (E.R.D) and Insane Motor Sports. His racing background includes racing Auto Cross, Drag Racing, Moto Cross, Cross-Country, Off Road, Sprint Cars and  Drag Boats.

He loves to “win”, or is it “He hates to lose”? You decide that one. Ultimately this all lead to Gary becoming the “secret weapon” for anyone that wants a performance engine built to win. Not one to become overly serious Gary has gone on to “building” t-shirts, hats and other apparel items that will make you laugh, or at least make you chuckle. His company Insane Motor Sports Apparel has items with slogans such as “Drink Till She’s Cute”, “ Injection Is Nice, but I’d rather be Blown”, and many more.